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Suporte Técnico

● Componentes da Escada Rolante

1.Top and bottom landing platforms 2.The truss 3.The tracks 4.The steps 5.The railing...【Leia mais】

● Diretrizes de Operação e Manutenção Manual para subir/ Escada Rolante

1 Introduction 1.1 In respect of lifts and escalators,there are certain requirements for the preparation and provision of O&M manuals for the reference of owners,and installation and maintenance personnel. 1.2 These Guidelines following ...【Leia mais】

● Controle de Qualidade das Tintas

This standard is to provide guidelines for the inspection of powder coating film....【Leia mais】

● Escada Rolante Moderna

The world is in constant motion. Every day sees a growing flow of active people winding their way through urban landscapes. This flow creates high demands in a fast-paced environment,and Escalators and moving walks convert chaos into simple...【Leia mais】

● Como Ajustar Corrente de Degrau da Escada Rolante

Cascade Sprocket can not be a single replacement,the need to replace the entire chain,and because the chain needs to match,so the replacement,need to change the chain on both sides....【Leia mais】

● Como a Escada Rolante Funciona

Escalators are one of the largest,most expensive machines people use on a regular basis,but they're also one of the simplest. At its most basic level,an escalator is just a simple variation on the conveyer belt. A pair of rotating chain ...【Leia mais】

● Intelligent elevator

Internet of Things technology is making elevator products more and more "smart". Through network information technology, elevators, passengers, and maintenance services are connected in series. The sensor installed in the elevator makes the...【Leia mais】

● New installations and Existing installations For Escalators

The European Standard EN 115 and the Machinery Directive (2006/42/ EC) define and regulate the safety of construction and the installation of escalators and moving walkways in buildings.Height of the balustrade...【Leia mais】

● How to Choose an Elevator

Architectural, environmental and budgetary constraints are all factors to consider when choosing the type of lift. It is necessary to take into account the constructive elements of the building to be equipped, the safety criteria and the ove...【Leia mais】

● European escalator CE certification standard update EN115-1:2017 replaces EN115-1:2008

On July 19, 2017, the European Standards Committee officially issued the new standard EN 115-1:2017 for the escalator. By January 31, 2019, the original escalator standard EN115-1:2008 will be abolished. The new structure resulting from the ...【Leia mais】

Partes da escada rolante

Partes da escada rolante

Partes do Elevador

Partes do Elevador

Escalator Parts - Elevator Parts Casos

Estudo de caso

Escalator Parts - Elevator Parts Modificação de Componentes

Modificação de Componentes

Escalator Parts - Elevator Parts Certificado de Qualidaden

Certificado de Qualidade

Escalator Parts - Elevator Parts Suporte Técnico

Suporte Técnico

Escalator Parts - Elevator Parts Download


Escalator Parts - Elevator Parts Contato